#03 Clean as a Whistle


Infused with clear quartz, formulated with sweet orange and ylang-ylang essential oil.

Clear Quartz: Clarity and healing

Sweet Orange: Mood enhancer

Ylang-ylang: Antibacterial and promote relaxation

Clean as a Whistle mist, a perfect alternative to use where candles are not suitable.

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Ingredient: Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Ylang-ylang Essential Oil, and Clear Quartz Chip Stones.

How to use:

  • Give a gentle shake before using.
  • Mist your room, linens, or yoga mat.
  • Then, breathe.

When the bottle is empty, the crystals can take on a new life. Remove them from the bottle and place it in a special place to continue your transformation. Please re-use our frosted glass bottle to reduce waste.

Additional Information:
It’s common for the oils to rise to the top of the bottle. Shake well before using. For external only. 

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