Sandalwood Wax


Infused with Rutilated Quartz & Clear Quartz, formulated with sandalwood essential oil.

Rutilated Quartz: Optimisim and positivity

Clear quartz: Clarity and healing

Sandalwood: Improves memory and stimulates your concentration power

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Ingredient:  Premium Palm Wax, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Rutilated Quartz & Clear Quartz Chip Stones, Dried flowers

How to use:

  • In a Car: Hang it inside your vehicle for a burst of freshness and make your journey even more pleasant.
  • Room: Leave it on a tray and place it in your bedroom or office.
  • Wardrobe: Perfect for long-term storage of your garments.

The tablet wax lasts up to 1 year in a closed environment, such as a wardrobe and 6 months indoors.

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